Torque Limiter for Indirect Drives

Overload protection with integrated bearing

  • Torque Limiter for Indirect Drives
    Torque Limiter for Indirect Drives

To protect high-quality machine parts and products, mechanical torque limiters are used in almost all mechanical and plant engineering. With the smallest torque increases, they react within a few degrees and separate the input and output in a matter of seconds. Therefore they interrupt the torque transmission. The stroke of the switching plate can be sensed by means of a sensor and an emergency stop of the machine can then be initiated. The separation is forced and purely mechanical, which means that a power failure or the like has no effect on the function.

Since the ENEMAC safety clutches are provided with a 360° synchronous locking position, they engage again automatically after one turn, so the torque limiter can be made operational again after a stop by slow start-up, without lengthy assembly work.

The ECK series is characterized by its high concentricity and is suitable for use in indirect drives with high bearing forces. It is equipped with an integrated ball bearing on which the output element gets securely mounted. The safety coupling has a conical clamping hub for shafts up to 65 mm for fastening on the shaft. From size 3000, the ECK type is supplied with shrink discs, which generate the greatest possible clamping forces and thus guarantee a secure hold on the shaft up to 120 mm. The overload clutch can be used in a torque range between 1.8 Nm and 9000 Nm, resulting in 18 sizes, which can also be supplied corrosion-resistant on request.

The torque limiter ECK can be installed at up to 4000 rpm in an ambient temperature between 243 K and 473 K

For demanding environments, ENEMAC also offers this safety coupling as corrosion-resistant variant ECK_KS. For this purpose, the main components of the torque limiter are nitro-carburized or gas-nitrided and then oxidized. The built-in disc springs are coated and screws, balls and bearings are made of stainless steel. This makes the coupling type suitable for many outdoor applications and wherever moisture could become a problem.

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