Three Types of Metal Bellows Couplings

Half-shell design for easy installation

  • Metal Bellows Couplings type EWPH, EWMH and EWRH from Enemac
    Metal Bellows Couplings type EWPH, EWMH and EWRH from Enemac

Enemac added the EWPH/EWMH and EWRH with half-shell design to its program of metal bellows couplings. Designed for easy installation on fixed shafts, they avoid cumbersome assembly and disassembly. To illustrate this, the fixed hub halve gets hung up on the shaft journal, then the loose hub halve gets screwed tightly. If the cumbersome disassembly of the drive or output units drops out, the user can simply unscrew the two halves and remove the clutch upwards. 

A wiring process achieve the combination of bellows and hub

The three types are available in five sizes for nominal torques between 10 Nm and 400 Nm, for shaft diameters from 6 mm to 55 mm, with a maximum compensation of axial displacement of up to 0.3 mm. The metal bellows couplings type EWPH are equipped with a 4-wave bellows (hereby the highest torsional stiffness and the minimum length of the three variants is achieved), the type EWMH have 6-wave bellows (allowing them to cope with the maximum axial misalignment), and the ones from the type EWRH consist of the four hub halves and a 2x1 wave bellows. This last variant fits the use when high axial and low lateral stiffness are required. 

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