Compact Elastomer Couplings

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Engineered for applications where zero backlash and easy handling are required

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Jaw Couplings EWD, EWE and EWN from Enemac
Jaw Couplings EWD, EWE and EWN from Enemac

Realized by precise manufacturing of hub and elastomeric stars (attached to the hubs with a slight initial load), the plug-in elastomer couplings (Jaw Couplings) from Enemac are designed as “free to play”. Thus, the involute, elastic tooth star connects the two hubs, can compensate small misalignments and is also electrically insulating. Available in different shore tempers, it also works as a vibration attenuator during operation.

Variants of elastomer couplings for linking the shafts are available

The elastomer couplings are available with clamping hub, conical hub (high balancing capability) or now new clamping with split hub. A safe, non-positive shaft attachment is always guaranteed. In addition, the clamping hubs can be equipped with a keyway. The compact couplings are available for torques between 8 Nm and 1000 Nm at an operating temperature of up to 120 °C. Due to low mass moments of inertia associated with a symmetrical arrangement of the stars and claws, high driving speeds are possible.

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