New Type of Torque Limiter for Belt Drives

ECA-type torque limiters developed by ENEMAC are designed to prevent overload

  • Illustration of ECA type torque limiter
    Illustration of ECA type torque limiter

Applications of torque limiters can be found in all technical sectors, in every machine or facility where torques have to be limited in order to protect machines or products from overload. The torque limiter type ECA, which has been specifically engineered for belt drives by ENEMAC, prevents such overload damages or at least reduces them to a minimum.

Particular attention was given to the compulsion-cutting and fast switching functions. Simple, light elements can prevent adverse dullness of mass or switching. They were chosen because to heavy switching elements could considerably increase the (static adjusted) disengagement torque in case of a dynamic collision and therefore also the destructive collision forces.

Specificities of the new type:

Contrary to conventional friction clutches, the ECA has a very high repeatability of the adjusted disengagement torque. It’s free of clearance and will self-reliantly re-engage after 1 turn. The movement of switching can be sampled by a proximity switch. 17 design sizes make a total torque range of 0.5 Nm up to 470 Nm overall.  

The ECA forms a very compact unit together with a crown gear, which hardly uses some additional place, and its deliverable in diverse versions (with keyway or conical bush). Especially to be highlighted is the type ECA 1, because it’s one of the smallest torque limiters available on market, see therefore picture.