TPA ITALIA: Premier Attracts Participants from 61 Countries

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Newest member of MDA family hosts 200 companies and 7,500 visitors

TPA ITALIA: Premier Attracts Participants from 61 Countries
TPA ITALIA: Premier Attracts Participants from 61 Countries

TPA ITALIA, Italy's first event dedicated to power transmission, fluid power and automation, fulfilled exhibitor and visitor expectations from the very start. The user-focused format, the strong conference program and the distinct networking character were all well-received. TPA ITALIA ran from 6 to 9 May 2014 at the Fiera Milano exhibition center in Milan and marked Deutsche Messe's first MDA event in the Italian market.

"We are quite pleased with the results of the first TPA ITALIA," said Wolfgang Pech, senior vice president at Deutsche Messe AG, adding, "We reached our goals as far as exhibitor and visitor participation and, following many conversations with our customers, we are certain we have established Italy's meeting place for this industry. We look forward to building on this initial success to make TPA ITALIA even better in 2016."

More than 7,500 visitors from 61 countries participated in TPA ITALIA, 26 percent of whom came from outside of Italy. The countries with the largest visitor contingents were Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. TPA ITALIA showcased 160 exhibitors representing more than 200 companies from 17 countries.

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