Turck Expands Production Capacities in Beierfeld

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Saxony's Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich officially inaugurates new production building

Managing director Eberhard Grünert (r.) leads Saxony’s Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich (l.) through the new production building at Beierfeld.
Managing director Eberhard Grünert (r.) leads Saxony’s Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich (l.) through the new production building at Beierfeld.

The Turck Beierfeld GmbH officially inaugurated the new ten million euros expensive production building on 4. July in the presence of the Prime Minister of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich. After the enlargement of the area to 9,000 square metres, the centre for innovation and electronics production within the Turck Group has now a total of 23,500 square metres for production, development, logistics and quality control. 20 million euros have to be invested between 2012 and 2015 in the new building, including the modern plant and machinery, as well as in the conversion of the existing building. The enlargement is an expression of the Turck Group's continuous and sustainable investment in the location Beierfeld, that is being greatly expanded since 2012 to increase the development and production capacities.

"For over 24 years Turck stands for electronics production at the highest technical level in the German Ore Mountain region", says Eberhard Grünert, Managing Director of Turck Beierfeld GmbH, pointing out in his speech that Turck Beierfeld has almost tripled the overall performance of the site in the last 12 years. At the same time, the production volume of the Turck duotec GmbH, which develops and produces customer-specific electronics in Beierfeld, has quintupled. "As a recognized innovator of the electronics manufacturing - here in Saxony - we will continue to contribute to the implementation of the 4. Industrial Revolution, developing and manufacturing intelligent products, whilst implementing the forward-looking combination between the modern core competencies Smart Factory and Mass Customization."

Since 1990, Beierfeld is one manufacturing and development site of the Turck Group. In addition to challenging electronic solutions for industrial automation the focus is on development, manufacturing and marketing of customer-specific electronics in the business field of the Turck duotec GmbH. From the formerly five employees, who started in 1990 at Turck Beierfeld, a team of roughly 390 employees has grown. With the new building, the company created space for a further 110 employees.

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