Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

With thermal energy/BTU capability

  • Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter
    Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

Designed, built and calibrated by Sierra for non-intrusive liquid flow metering, and optimized for thermal energy / BTU measurement, the InnovaSonic 207i transit-time ultrasonic flow meter is the ideal turnkey solution for building and district metering, and submetering. The 207i comes with a comprehensive software package of apps. The 207i calculates thermal energy / BTU flow energy and provides you with the highest accuracy measurements possible to manage energy costs. A critical element of any thermal energy / BTU flow energy measurement is determining the amount of heat transferred between the cold and hot flow legs of an HVAC process.

Making the difference

Often with only a small difference in temperature between the two flow legs, a precise measurement makes a huge difference. Sierra calibrates the entire flow energy package — flow meter and temperature transmitters — as a system to improve quality. The 207i takes into account this temperature difference as well as all fluid properties required to accurately measure flow, and makes ultra-precise temperature measurements between the cold and hot flow legs.

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