Advantech Embedded IoT World Partner Conference

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The conference saw Advantech and its strategic partners come together and collaborate for an AIoT Future

Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0

Advantech Embedded IoT World Partner Conference
Advantech Embedded IoT World Partner Conference

On 12 - 14 December, Advantech has hosted the Embedded IoT World Partner Conference at its IoT Campus located in Linkou, Taipei. Centered around the theme “Leading Embedded Innovation into an AIoT Future”, the conference has featured solutions defied by Advantech and its strategic partners in the field of AIoT and IoT. 

Additional partners like Microsoft, McAfee, Chunghwa Telecom, HwaCom Systems, Tong Cheng, Parktron Technology, Yujin Robot, KOLON BENIT, iProd and TED have exhibited at the EIoT World Partner Conference. 

Miller Chang, President of the Embedded IoT Group, Advantech, stated, “AI and IoT will become the driving force for industrial growth into the future. Therefore, as the cornerstone for phases two and three in the development of AIoT, embedded platforms must bee able to utilize solutions the incorporate both AI and IoT to meet market demands.”

Channelling AIoT and IoT development for industrial customers

Advantech has been actively working towards the development of Industrial IoT  through a three-step strategy: embedded systems platforms, software and hardware integrated with WISE-PaaS and Industrial App IoT cloud platforms, and applications and solutions co-created with domain-focused partners.

For this reason, from now onwards, Advantech will focus on:

- Embedded Core Design-in Services, designed to integrated different devices for ease of accessibility and operability

- Edge AI, Intelligence & Wireless Connectivity to accelerate AIoT adoption

- Design & Manufacturing Services customized to fit industrial needs

- Cloud IoT Solutions to improve efficiency in field operations

Implementing IoT applications

Advantech has focused its efforts in the development of the WISE-PaaS and Industrial App IoT cloud platform and WISE-PaaS Marketplace. The updated version WISE-PaaS Marketplace 2.0, scheduled to be launched in 2020, will enable the creation go a marketplace for Industrial Apps. There Advantech and its ecosystem partners will upload, showcase and sell their solutions, available as a subscription service. Among the available subscription models, there are the WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn App, Edge.SRP, General I.App, Domain I.App, AI modules as well as consulting and training services. 

About the upcoming launch, Miller Chang commented, “Advantech will then be ale to facilitate the acceleration and adoption of AIoT development into phases two and three. Advantech is therefore gathering and accepting all innovative ideas in co-creation with external ecosystem partners, and establishing specific resources for long-term cultivation across a variety of industries, which will drive Advantech to a better and brighter future in AIoT.”

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