Cable Carrier Transport Rack

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Cable Carrier Transport Rack
Cable Carrier Transport Rack

igus has produced a new modular rack for the quick transportation and installation of pre-installed energy chain cable carrier systems. The new rack is a solution for safely mounting and transporting an entire pre-configured energy chain system directly to the customer's machine interface. Previously installation processes would take a considerable amount of time, but with the new system the time and effort is significantly reduced. The rack consists of a telescopic frame and braces that are made from galvanised steel and it can be extended and adapted easily to suit any installation. Each rack can be constructed within a couple of hours and because of the modular design it is easy to add or remove components at any time to suit the machine. Furthermore, the custom made parts are reusable which eliminates the need for disposal and reproduction.

Posted on January 16, 2013 - (1910 views)
igus GmbH
Spicher Straße 1a
51147 Köln - Germany
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