Co-Creating the Industry of the Future

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In Suzhou, China, Advantech will hold the IoT Co-Creation Summit to show the IoT Solution Ready Packages released with the cooperation of national and international companies. IEN Europe will be there on November 1 and 2

Industry 4.0

Co-Creating the Industry of the Future
Co-Creating the Industry of the Future

There’s a long way from Europe to China, but the distance is minimized thanks to digitalization. That’s why we are ready for our journey to Suzhou and we can’t wait to discover what the “Co-Creation Model’’ really entails. 

Advantech, as a leader brand in intelligent systems, is pioneering a new way of deploying IoT growth, being actively engaged in the creation of focused solutions with the collaboration of partners coming from various industries and corners of the world. 

The idea of launching a Co-Creation Summit wants to facilitate the co-creation ecosystem. Thirty sets of IoT Solution Ready Packages (SRPs) will be officially released this year, and Advantech expects to see 5,000 participants at the summit and AIoT.SRP press conference on November 1 and 2 in Suzhou, China.
During the event, informative keynote speeches and thought-provoking panel discussions will take place. We already have many elements to believe that 2018 Advantech Co-Creation Summit is going to be a great platform for showcasing innovative services and matchmaking with the most prominent solution providers in the industry.

“Advantech is starting the 3rd phase of the IoT Strategy that evolves around the Co-Creation Concept. Today, Advantech understands that creating an Eco-system is key to provide solutions ready packages on vertical markets to our customers. The IoT era brings huge new business opportunities and needs new business mindset. That’s why Advantech wants to extend the industrial know-how with sensors, wireless communication, protocol conversions, data streaming, digital modeling, AI, visualization and security for many different application scenarios’’ said Karla Ferrer, Europe Corporate Marketing Manager at Advantech Europe BV.

What to expect from the summit

Four leading themes will guide visitors through the discovery of the Co-Creation Model:

  1. Industrial IoT, which deals with Smart Factory 4.0 Solutions; Machine to Intelligence Solutions; Smart City infrastructure; Industrial IoT Platforms & Sensing Devices
  2. Embedded IoT, focusing on Equipment to Intelligence Solutions (Protocols, monitoring); Wireless Connectivity and Arm Computing
  3. Service IoT, which means IRETAIL Solutions; iHealthcase Solutions; iLogistics Solutions
  4. IoT.Sense: Wise-PaaS IoT Edge Intelligence Platform; Situation Room for IoT Solutions

IoT has been at the core of Advantech Strategy since 2010, when the company changed its mission to ‘’Enabling an Intelligent Planet” in order to undertake its transformation from hardware to service provider. The Co-creation model consistently serves this new vision and goes in that direction.

‘’Advantech has always been an innovator in the development and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance computing platforms. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. To realize our corporate vision of Enabling an Intelligent Planet, Advantech will keep collaborating and partnering for Smart City & IoT Solutions’’ added Karla Ferrer.

The audience

System integrators, developers and customers looking for IoT Solutions with the objective to jump from traditional to digital manufacturing are invited to sign up for the IoT Co-Creation Summit in Suzhou. The two-day event will allow participants to meet with 5,000 people and exchange ideas about how to enhance the ecosystem to make the IoT grow further in the future. About a hundred worldwide executive speakers and leading media experts will share insights in 20 meeting rooms. 

This will be the perfect frame for Advantech to announce some innovative integrated IoT Solution Ready Packages designed in collaboration with almost 50 partners – covering iFactory, Machine-to-Machine Intelligence, Energy and Environment, iRetail, iHospital, iLogistics and Smart City – that will present the most cutting-edge applications in key domains.

The future of IIoT applications

Industrial IoT applications will soon become widely implemented in the industrial setting, as also K.C. Liu, Chairman of Advantech, pointed out, but key to success of the technology should not be taken for granted. One of the magic ingredients will be the supply of platform technology, as well as the integration and creation of standardized and easily duplicated SRPs working in collaboration with industrial professionals. 

With the aim of taking this track respecting the complex requirements of IIoT systems, Advantech uses a data-driven architecture incorporated with cloud platform service technologies as its core to create the WISE-PaaS industrial cloud platform. The platform can move across multiple clouds and it offers flexible expansion, multitenancy, superior reliability, multiple database services, AI model training and deployment framework services, visualization services for dashboards, and multi-level data security/management services. With the WISE-PaaS platform providing a foundation, Advantech and its co-creation partners will work together to rapidly deploy a range of IIoT solutions. By merging with the innovative industrial cloud service business model, the third wave of the digital revolution has officially kicked off to successfully transform our industries.

Additional SRPs co-created with professional enterprises from China and other regions in the world will be announced separately. “China represents 25% of Advantech revenue and almost half of our employees are located there. That’s why we believe that China is the perfect hub to announce the new Co-Creation Model and support our objective of becoming the leading IoT solution leader on the market’’ concluded Karla Ferrer.

We are looking forward to meeting you in China soon!

Sara Ibrahim

Posted on October 29, 2018 - (194 views)

Co-Creating the Industry of the Future

In Suzhou, China, Advantech will hold the IoT Co-Creation Summit to show the IoT Solution Ready Packages released with the cooperation of national and international companies. IEN Europe will be there on November 1 and 2

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