Encoder Safety Monitors

Operated via removable keyboard

  • Encoder Safety Monitors
    Encoder Safety Monitors

IFS-10 product family from Lika is designed for safe monitoring of speed, standstill and direction of rotation. All safety monitors are SIL3/PLe certified and can be operated via removable keyboard. The main difference between the models is the encoder input:

  • IFS-10S/IFS-10SA have one input for safe SIL3/PLe certified sin/cos encoders;
  • IFS-10/IFS-10A have two multi-function inputs for redundant connection of sin/cos, TTL and HTL encoders and sensors, freely combinable. The monitors can be also equipped with additional sin/cos and RS-422 signal splitter outputs that provide safe encoder signals to subsequent controller.

Among the key features:


  • SIL3 and PLe Certification
  • Safety functions in compliance with EN61800-5-2 (SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SSM)
  • Input frequency up to 500 kHz
  • 1 force guided redundant relay output (NO)
  • 4 control outputs, Push-Pull, short circuit protected, each one inverse and redundant
  • 1 safe and scalable 4-20mA 14-bit analog output
  • +18Vdc +30Vdc operating voltage
  • Compact housing for DIN rail
  • Configuration via USB port by means of software tool or via optional display and programming module (IFS-10-PM).