Epoxy Potting Compund

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Electrical & electronic applications to 185 °C

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Epoxy Potting Compund
Epoxy Potting Compund

Available for electrical and electronic potting applications to 185 °C, Aremco-Bond 2315 high temperature, thermally conductive, epoxy-potting compound features high thermal conductivity, good electrical insulation, and low shrinkage after cure. It provides high flexural strength of 84.8 MPa. Electrical properties include a volume resistivity of 1.0 x 1015, dielectric strength of 18.9 kV/mm, and dielectric constant of 4.7 at 1 kHz. The low viscosity, black-pigmented, high temperature, epoxy compound offers chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, organic fluids, and salts. Mixed viscosity is 3,000 cps and the pot life for a 100 gram mass is greater than 8 hours at room temperature. Recommended cure is 2 hours at 70 ºC plus 2 hours at 150 ºC. Alternative cure is 6 hours at 120 ºC. Cured product is exhibits a linear shrinkage of 0.003 in/in and Shore-D hardness of 92. The 100% solids epoxy is mixed in a ratio of 100 parts resin to 25 parts hardener by weight. It is useful for potting and encapsulating densely packaged power supplies, rectifiers, integrated circuits, thick film hybrid devices, digital-analog converters, oscillators, amplifiers, relays, transformers, and semiconductors.

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