HMI Touch Panel LDT10

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For faster change-over operations

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HMI Touch Panel LDT10
HMI Touch Panel LDT10

LDT10 is the HMI touch panel designed by Lika Electronic to interface, set up and operate the whole series of Lika Electronic's RD rotary actuators with RS-485 Modbus interface. LDT10 is specifically engineered to make change-over operations faster and easier, cut set-up time and reduce downtime, especially when small-batches, one-off items and just-in-time productions need frequent and costly format adjustments. The automated multi-axis systems such as in the plastics industry, the packaging lines and the woodworking machines are a typical example. LDT10 allows to create a network of devices, configure the actuators and save in recipes the information on each process.

The operator only has to scroll the list and choose the recipe. One touch to launch the program, activate the automatic change-over operation and thus start the new production, in a quick and safe way. LDT10 is intuitive to use and does not require any specific know-how. The operations are simplified for the greatest operational agility. LDT10 is designed to connect one single actuator (point-to-point), several actuators in the network and even different actuator models in the same network (RD1A, RD4 and RD5 actuators can be installed and operate together). LDT10 comes in a 7-inch 16:9 format LCD display with resistive touchscreen panel. Its rugged construction complies with NEMA4 and IP65 protection ratings and allows for use in typical industrial environments.

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