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Human Machine Interfaces
Human Machine Interfaces

The GS series, a new range of HMIs from Mitsubishi Electric are a particularly cost-effective series that offer a simple and flexible entry-level option for newcomers to the world of machine visualisation. The scope of functionality of the GS series includes all the standard basic functions as well as a number of special features.

One of the main functions offered by the GS series is data logging with which data from system components can be evaluated and graphically displayed by means of the HMI and transferred to an internal SRAM memory or externally onto an SD card or a PC, for further evaluation. As a result, reports on machine utilisation or temperature development can be drawn up without the need for separate algorithms. In addition, using an SD card, project data can easily be accessed via the HMI during the course of commissioning, for example.

The FA transparent function allows access to automation components such as PLCs, frequency inverters and servo amplifiers within a system via the HMI. This enables data from connected components - even ones in remote parts of the system - to be viewed and parameters or other settings to be adjusted from a central location. In addition, up to two automation components can be directly connected to the HMI and visualised using the multi-channel function.

Entries and changes made to the system via the HMI can be recorded in the so-called operation log and assigned to the registered operator (operator authentication function). The documented log data enable any steps previously carried out to be traced quickly if required. In addition, operator-specific authorised access can be granted so that after the authentication of the operating personnel, only corresponding released information will be displayed.

In the event of a problem, the operator can use the sequence program monitor to display the current PLC program code on the HMI without the need for an external computer or additional software in order to identify errors. The integrated program editor enables minor modifications to be made directly via the operating device, saving valuable time.

The GS series is explicitly aimed at low-end segment requirements and offers affordable entry-level basic units for newcomers to visualisation technology. The GS series starts with two GS21-type models available with 7 and 10-inch TFT displays in widescreen format with WVGA resolution. The operating devices have 9 MB internal memories and are equipped with an SD card slot along with USB and Ethernet ports.

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