Multifunctional Handheld Scanners

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Read 1D and 2D codes in to PCs, smartphones and tablets

Vision & Identification

Multifunctional Handheld Scanners
Multifunctional Handheld Scanners

The new OHV100 and OHV200 handheld scanners from Pepperl+Fuchs are characterized by good scanning and numerous functional features. Whether it is the secure reading of codes on reflective surfaces such as metals and plastics and under foil packaging, or the optical sighting mechanism with which the codes are sighted quickly and with pinpoint accuracy, the handhelds can perform almost anything asked of them by the user.

With their high resolution of 1.2 megapixels and the wide operating range of 50 - 310 mm, they not only afford staff greater freedom at work, they also allow the capture of small and large codes with the same device. This comes courtesy of a patented dual lens with separate near and long ranges. With the facilities provided by the Vision Configurator parameterization software, the user is able to realize perfect integration of devices into the application. For example, all available parameters can be adapted, sets of parameters managed, output strings formatted, and application-specific control codes created. The handheld scanners in the OHV series contain a Java Script license via which even intelligent user-specific functions can be implemented. Housed in a robust housing with the high degree of protection IP 65 or IP 54, the handheld scanners are equipped for harsh industrial conditions.

To transfer the data to the computer system, either a USB or an RS232 interface is used with the OHV100, while the OHV200 features wireless connection via Bluetooth to a detection range of 30 m. Working outside the radio range is possible thanks to the large integrated data memory. The captured data can be transferred later via the charging tray. Bluetooth further enables the data to be sent conveniently to IOS-based smartphones as well as tablets, and transferred directly to open applications; this requires no additional hardware or software whatsoever. Conversely, the handheld scanners also support readings from the smartphone displays. Other special features include code capture during movement and user feedback via either an optical, acoustic, or vibration signal. Frequently used functions can simply be set on one of the freely programmable keys. The OHV200 is available in two versions-with and without a handle; the latter is ideally suited to being carried in a pocket, and for mobile use.

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