3-D Sensor Series with Two Devices Variants

3-D vision data for controlling different applications

  • 3-D Sensor Series with Two Devices Variants
    3-D Sensor Series with Two Devices Variants

SmartRunner Explorer 3-D from Pepperl+Fuchs includes two device variants with their own measurement methods on one platform: Stereo Vision and Time-of-Flight. Housed in the same housing, with uniform user software and data output, the integration effort for 3-D applications can be significantly reduced. The stereo vision device has a range of one meter and a resolution of 1.4 megapixels. The size of the detection area is 400 x 350 mm at a distance of 600 mm and 550 x 500 mm at a distance of 900 mm. With these parameters, it is optimized for the high-precision detection of objects in this close range and is particularly suitable for inspection applications. For example, it can be used for checking and counting of defined objects or for volume acquisition.

At the speed of light into the third dimension of automation

The additional depth information in the z-direction opens up completely new application possibilities that remain closed with conventional sensors. The device works with two cameras. Using the high-resolution 2-D data, the sensor can be precisely aligned with the target object, which makes it easier to interpret the measurement results. In the first step, your 2-D images are automatically superimposed to form a disparity image, which forms the basis of the 3-D point cloud. It should also be mentioned that all devices are factory calibrated.

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