Open Call: H2020 DIGITbrain Project

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DIGITbrain will be running 2 Open Calls for experiments all over Europe with a budget of € 1.400.000.

Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0

The Digital Brain within the lifecycle of an industrial product.
The Digital Brain within the lifecycle of an industrial product.

DIGITbrain Project, which is funded by the EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020, aims to enable small and medium-sized European manufacturing companies (SMEs) to benefit from AI-based Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS). In its first Open Call, open from March 2021 to June 2021, it will add 7 new experiments in the field of manufacturing, eligible by up to 100K Euroseach. Currently the consortium counts 36 partners.

The DIGITbrain project

The Digital Brain is a completely novel concept that extends the Digital Twin to cover the full lifecycle of industrial products and thereby expands it to a smart entity having analysis and decision support capabilities. By having access to on-demand data, models, algorithms, and resources for industrial productsthe "Digital Product Brain" will, enable their customisation  and thus, facilitate the implementation of Manufacturing as a Service for SMEs. This will not only accelerate adaptation of manufacturing and products to changing conditions, and enable personalized manufacturing in an affordable way, but also facilitate cost-effective distributed and localised production, allowing them to access advanced manufacturing facilities within their regions or to distribute their orders across different ones.

Applications until end of June 2021.

In its lifetime, the project will implement 21 highly innovative cross-border experiments, each bringing together suitable manufacturing end-users, technology providers, research organisations, High Performance Computing providers or Digital Innovation Hubs, in order to implement an individual use case-based Digital Twin.Companies from the abovementioned groups, located in the EU, a Horizon 2020 associated country or the UK, can apply in one of the two Open Calls, with their specific use case. Experiments can cover all segments of the entire manufacturing sector, e.g. discrete manufacturing, continuous production, or construction.The experiments will be integrated into a Digital Marketplace, which provides the necessary graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in view of configuring and monitoring the Digital Brain for an industrial-product instance and will handle the access rights to the Digital Brain’s instances.

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