Pressure Compensation Seals

The new seals from Schreiner ProTech provide more efficient fuel consumption

  • April 4, 2016
  • Pressure Compensation Seals
    Pressure Compensation Seals

Schreiner ProTech, a division of Schreiner Group, supplies the Chinese automotive industry with Pressure Compensation Seals (PCSs) from its subsidiary in Shanghai. One application for PCSs is to ventilate lambda sensors. Lambda sensors are used in combustion engines to produce the right mix of combustion air and fuel. These devices play an important role in helping to save fuel, comply with exhaust gas limits and avoid costly damage to catalytic converters.

Lambda sensors are required to withstand high temperatures and significant temperature fluctuations. PCSs prevent overpressure or negative pressure occurring in the connector housing of the lambda sensor as a result of temperature fluctuations, thereby avoiding damage to the device. They also prevent moisture ingress. It has been shown that when lambda sensors are equipped with a PCS they function more reliably. This makes them suitable for use in engines made by different automobile manufacturers. Schreiner ProTech sells over one hundred million PCSs worldwide every year, both in the form of standard products and products tailored to individual customer requirements.