Real-time data analyser utilisies Edgecross

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Software equipped with MAISART artificial intelligence for data analysis and diagnostics


Real-time data analyser utilisies Edgecross
Real-time data analyser utilisies Edgecross

Edge computing just got smarter with the release of four data collectors and a new real-time data analyser from Mitsubishi Electric as part of its iQ Edgecross software range. iQ Edgecross products support the Edgecross open software platform used to integrate factory automation (FA) and information technology (IT).

MAISART artificial intelligence

The real-time data-analyser is software equipped with MAISART artificial intelligence (AI) for data analysis and diagnostics, which customers can use to strengthen preventive maintenance and quality in their production shops. The data collectors enable easy, high-speed collection of data. Together, the new products will improve efficiency by strengthening edge computing in Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory integrated FA solutions, which customers use to reduce total costs of development, production and maintenance.

Posted on September 8, 2018 - (519 views)
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