Servo Controller Enables Connection to Open Networks

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Servo technology can be used with third-party control system and network technologies

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Servo Controller Enables Connection to Open Networks
Servo Controller Enables Connection to Open Networks

A short time ago, Mitsubishi Electric presented the new MR-J4-TM servo controller that can be combined with Anybus plug-in cards from e-F@ctory Alliance partner HMS Industrial Networks. With this solution, the automation specialist enables its servo technology to be used with third-party control system and network technologies for the first time so that machine manufacturers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the highly compact, powerful technology from Japan at any time. The HMS plug-in card ensures the compatibility required.

Machine manufacturers are often bound to certain manufacturers' components based on customers' specifications. However with the MR-J4-TM servo amplifier based on MR-J4 technology, even if they do need to use a certain control system, system manufacturers can still use Mitsubishi Electric servo technology which offers significant benefits in terms of saving space and design flexibility, for example. Then there are the special functions of the MR-J4 series such as the first and second-level vibration suppression or the one-touch tuning function.

The first version of the MR-J4-TM has an HMS EtherCAT plug-in card. The next one will be a PROFINET variant and further options will follow. This technology enables a machine to be adapted for use with various Ethernet systems quickly and easily and consequently made suitable for worldwide use with different types of control system and network technology.

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