Singleturn and Multiturn Absolute Encoders with POWERLINK

With a real-time communication and deterministic synchronization

  • Singleturn and Multiturn Absolute Encoders with POWERLINK
    Singleturn and Multiturn Absolute Encoders with POWERLINK

Lika Electronic extends the Ethernet protocol encoder range and offers a comprehensive selection of singleturn and multiturn absolute encoders with POWERLINK, Profinet, EtherCAT and Modbus/TCP interfaces. Among the advantages of the Ethernet technology applied to industrial automation are: the real-time communication and deterministic synchronization, the high communication speed up to 100 Mbit/s over long distances, the flexible network topologies, the complete diagnostics, the full IT integration and the availability of Internet and wireless technologies.

POWERLINK encoders comply with the “EPSG Draft Standard 301 Ethernet POWERLINK Communication Profile Specification Version 1.2.0” and implement DS301 and DS406 CANopen profiles and so the standard CANopen objects: configuration, integration and even migration are easier and faster. POWERLINK further guarantees deterministic communication (the isochronous period of the POWERLINK cycle), cycle times of hundredths of a microsecond and ultra-low jitter (< 1µs).

POWERLINK encoders afford the full set of information and configuration parameters: position and velocity readout, full scaling, preset, code sequence, extensive diagnostics, Ethernet network settings.
They are available in three series:
•    low-cost 27-bit resolution multiturn EM- series with robust magnetic sensing intended for general-purpose applications;
•    optical 18-bit singleturn HS- series for high precision applications;
•    high-resolution 30-bit multiturn HM- series with optical sensing aimed at high-end applications.

The industrial 58 mm flange enclosure with either solid or blind hollow shaft provides IP65 protection. Cables and M12 connectors comply with POWERLINK requirements.

POWERLINK interface will be soon available in the XAC80 rugged encoder series designed for heavy industry, extractive and mining industry, offshore facilities; and in the SFA draw-wire encoders featuring measuring lengths up to 10 m (393.7”). Furthermore it will also equip the whole range of RD rotary actuators designed to automate positioning systems and change-over applications.