Freely Programmable Incremental Wire Encoder

Accommodates any custom resolution

  • Freely Programmable Incremental Wire Encoder
    Freely Programmable Incremental Wire Encoder

Lika Electronic's SFE incremental wire encoder can be freely programmed to accommodate any custom resolution. Whatever the industrial application (utility vehicles and mobile equipment, stabilizing slides, telescopic cranes, forklifts, loading platforms and electro-medical equipment ...), it provides the information as the user needs it to be.

Parametrization via PC is complete to meet individual requirements: number of pulses up to 16,384 PPR, Index mark position and duration, counting direction. SFE provides AB0 and inverted /AB0 signals via Push-Pull and Line Driver compatible universal output circuit. The output signal voltage level is according to the input voltage (+5Vdc +30Vdc). Connector and cable options in either axial or radial output are among your choice. Furthermore it can be supplied with preprogrammed resolution (1 to 0.02 mm).

Built in all-in-one design with 5,000 mm (197") and 10,000 mm (394") measuring lengths, this cable pulling encoder can operate at a max. speed of 3 m/s. It is mechanically interchangeable with SF-I and SF-A series.

The range of draw wire units will be complemented with absolute SSI, CANopen and EasyCAN interface models next months. The analogue current and voltage model with TEACH-IN buttons will be released as well.

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