ID/OD Retaining Ring Lock

an internal and an external groove at the same time

  • ID/OD Retaining Ring Lock
    ID/OD Retaining Ring Lock

Spirolox Retaining Rings, available only from Smalley, can operate in an internal and an external groove at the same time! Spiral type retaining rings have many great benefits for the ID/OD Lock, some of which include concealed fastening, no required assembly tooling and a 360° rotational capacity.

With a Spirolox Retaining Ring, the application is tamper-proof and aesthetically pleasing.

In this featured application, the retaining ring is initially installed in the housing groove. When the mating component in the assembly is added, the retaining ring compresses into the groove.

The groove is deep enough for the snap rings radial wall to fit into as the component slides into position. Finally, when the grooves meet, the retaining ring snaps into the shaft groove (groove depth equals 1/2 the retaining rings radial wall) while still in the housing groove. In the pneumatic fitting application, depicted to the right, a 2-Turn retaining ring without removal notches or an offset, creates an ID/OD lock, permitting the 360° rotation of the nut.

Smalley Steel Ring Company is a manufacturer of Spirolox Retaining Rings, Snap Rings and Wave Springs. Smalley has over 10000 standard parts from 6 mm to 400 mm as well as specials from 5 mm to 3000 mm; all are available in carbon and stainless steel, with No-Tooling-Charges™.