Light and Invisible E-Bike System

Cycling with a tailwind

  • Light and Invisible E-Bike System
    Light and Invisible E-Bike System

First maxon’s drives flew on Mars in the NASA helicopter - now they're letting bike riders lift off. After several years of development, the company presents the BIKEDRIVE AIR – a light and invisible e-bike system consisting of a mid-mounted motor, integrated battery, and control element.

The BIKEDRIVE AIR weighs only 3.5 kg (including battery) and can be integrated into elegant frames by bike manufacturers. The system is so compact that it fits into a wide variety of frame designs – such as racing, gravel, urban, kids’, and mountain bikes.

It is possible to build electric racing bikes that weigh less than 11 kg, and E-MTB trail full-sussers with less than 16 kg. maxon is offering the BIKEDRIVE AIR system exclusively to bike manufacturers all over the world and is available for consultation. First partners are already integrating the drive into their new bike product lines.