New Event Launch: IoT & Mobility Europe

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The first ever edition of the European event devoted to the Internet of Things and mobile business applications will take place on October 3, 2019 in Brussels

Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0

New Event Launch: IoT & Mobility Europe
New Event Launch: IoT & Mobility Europe

TIMGlobal Media - publisher of IEN Europe - and Mark-Com Event are renewing their cooperation for the first ever edition of “IoT & Mobility Europe” that will take place at Event Lounge Brussels, the 3rd of October 2019.
Following a format combining quality conferences and exhibition space for Sponsors, the day will be entirely dedicated to the Internet of Things and mobile business applications.
It is addressed to both public and private players willing to learn about state-of-the-art solutions, challenges and potential developments of these new industries.

The future of IoT / Mobility

A few years ago, the economic turn that the IoT was bound to take was regarded with skepticism, but these times are now over. Recent estimates forecast for 2020 that no less than 50 billion objects will be connected or/and have some level of intelligence. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the potential economic impact of IoT is set to reach US $ 11 trillion per year in 2025.

Numerous enablers turned this trend into a genuine strategic imperative. First, there was the boom in wireless networking technology and the rapid adoption of cloud platforms. Then there was the upgrade and uptake of both advanced Data Analytics and Data processing, and finally a global decrease in the cost of connected devices. In addition to that, the end-users’ sentiment towards these data-collecting sensors has grown warmer with a slight increase in demand while the move to professionalisation within the supply side overtook the somewhat hands-off approach that was prevalent until now.

Sectoral challenges and constraints

However quick the rise of IoT so far, its course might suffer a setback arising from the considerably slower-paced evolution of the necessary infrastructure. The swelling volume of data, the surge in bandwidth demand and the multiplication of connections necessitate a variety of adjustments and updates such as moving to +5G and seven-core glass fibre or a speedup in converting to IPv6 systems.

On top of that, the deployment of these technologies is further impeded by interoperability issues that the lack of standards is only reinforcing. By the same token, the sector, falls into the trap of pending issues surrounding the legal framework for the protection of personal data.

The why and wherefore of this day

The event draws on its past regional edition of IoT mobility organised at Namur Expo in 2018 and 2017 but aligns with the wider European scale in order to be in tune with the geographic scope of investments and development. In IIoT (Industrial IoT), a market expected to weigh close to US $ 123.8 billion by 2021, Europe should in fact, in the future, occupy a leading position, or so is the claim of Industry ARC’s latest study. These forecasts appear to be consistent with the peak in demand of European patents; the EPO (European Patent Office) reported a jump of 54% over three years of demands related to the Fourth Industrial revolution compared to a general increase of 7.65% only.

This essentially B2B conference day is the chance to strengthen the growing IoT and Mobility ecosystem. It is also a unique occasion to learn more about the latest applications and business models and to seek information on legal aspects that could prove decisive for the future of these sectors. All in all, one can expect to come out with a precise picture of the issues at hand and of the key actors that form the European IoT landscape (governments, agencies, corporate groups, incubators, research centres, universities ...).

Complementarities and interdependencies between IoT and Mobility 

As far as business organisation is concerned, and in particular regarding digital transformation, both the IoT and mobility for enterprise have been assisting each other in their expansion: it is undoubtedly the ever-growing number of devices coupled with the massive data analysis capacity set up by mobile enterprises that enabled the IoT to exist. On the other hand, a constant rise in connected devices will make it vital for its users to possess an « Enterprise Mobile Management » solution (EEM).

Used jointly, and efficiently run, they make for a non-negligible competitive advantage by boosting productivity (stronger reactivity, more precise predictions etc...) and by reducing costs simply by exploiting their synergies and positive externalities.

Objectives and gains from the conference-day

  • Get informed about the development of the legal framework or compliance at the European and international levels: Data protection (GDPR, ePrivacy), standards / Interoperability, security (NIS Directive).
  • Strengthening of the ecosystem between start-ups and big corporations.
  • Consolidating existing links amongst the players composing the « machine-to-machine» value chain.
  • Match-making between sought-after tech competences and recruiters.
  • Creating synergies (ex: between companies/sectors that collect certain data and others able to make commercial use of it).
  • Gain insight into the latest innovations and those to come.
  • Gain information, hear testimonials and learn from the experience of experts in the field.

Among the speakers: David Bol, Assistant professor at Catholic University of Louvain, Frederic Vander Sande, Strategy & Transformation Expert at Capgemini.

Co-hosted event: AI Convention Europe 2019

Resulted from the cooperation between TIMGlobal Media and Mark-Com Event, AI Convention Europe will take place in parallel to IoT Mobility Europe. The event addresses both public and private players and will be entirely dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.

Practical Information

Date: October 3, 2019
Location: Event Lounge, Brussels
Opening hours: From 9:00 to 16:00

Main Topics

M2M, Domotics, Telematics, Smart Cities, Smart Building, Smart Cars, Healthcare, Energy, MDM, ERP, MEAPS


Decision-makers from the public and private sectors, professional users, B2B players


François Vajda, Managing Director at Mark-Com Event: f.vajda@mark-com
Orhan Erenberk, President at TIMGlobal Media:
Sharelynne Paras, Marketing & Communication at Mark-Com Event:

For more information about the conference program, costs of participation and updated news, visit and

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