Optimized Resistive Touch Solutions

Wide range available to meet the most diverse requirements

  • Optimized Resistive Touch Solutions
    Optimized Resistive Touch Solutions

Schurter offers optimized resistive touch screen solutions for specific applications requirements. Since the resistive touchscreens have been frequently used in industrial and medical environments, they have proven their reliability and mature technique. They come with features such as robustness, EMC conformity, closed front without dirty edges, IP67 and are available in diagonals up to 24”. They are tailor-made for specific requirements.

A vast selection of touchscreens: Glass-Film-Glass, Low Reflective, Touch Window and more

The combination with membrane switches for the needed tactile feedback fits the use for control panels in harsh environments. A broad selection of optimized resistive touch solutions is available with GFG: Glass-Film-Glass Touchscreen, LR: Low Reflective Touchscreen, TW: Touch Window / FT: Framed Touch, RMT: Resistive Multi Touchscreen, MFO: Multi-Finger Operation Touchscreen, and HLT: High Light Transmission Touchscreen.

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