PT100 Probe Sensor

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For fast temperature measurement

Sensor Technology

PT100 Probe Sensor
PT100 Probe Sensor

Characterized by fast response times, the Pt100 probe sensors from ifm electronic can be used for highly precise temperature measurements in industrial applications. Two models, T05 and T09, respectively feature 1 and 3 s response times and detect temperature changes in a very short time to enable optimum process monitoring. The fast response time is achieved by using the latest technologies in connection with a 6 mm sensor tip. Nevertheless the sensors with high-grade stainless steel housing are robust and have a pressure rating of up to 160 bar. A special version with titanium housing is suited for use in aggressive media. In combination with the high protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K, the sensors can be used in many different applications of industrial process control. The measuring range is from -40 to 150°C (titanium version: -40 to 125°C). The accuracy of the stainless steel versions is compliant with DIN EN 60571, class A. Depending on the application the user can select probe lengths from 44 to 350 mm with different types of threads. Moreover the company offers a wide range of process adapters. Different control monitors with switching and analogue outputs are available for signal processing.

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