Cabex Massively Expands its Production Facility

The Hungarian Schurter subsidiary aims to meet future requirements by expanding its capacities

  • Cabex Massively Expands its Production Facility
    Cabex Massively Expands its Production Facility

Located in the north-west of Hungary near the Austrian border, CABEX Kft. is a specialist in cable assembly with a long tradition and corresponding know-how. Integrated into the SCHURTER Group, additional tasks, markets and thus opportunities were added. As a result, CABEX Kft. is increasingly reaching the limits of its capacity. Space is becoming a scarce commodity.

Second building complex

SCHURTER is now reacting to this fact with a massive expansion of the production area in Mosonszentmiklós. The previously rented, approximately 700 m2 production facility, together with the surrounding area, was acquired from the owner in May 2020, and plans were drawn up for a second, significantly larger building complex with an additional 1170 m2. This will give CABEX Kft. almost three times the floor space available in the future.

Successfully on the road

CABEX Kft. is one of the newer subsidiaries of the SCHURTER Group. It is operationally managed by the Austrian company Burisch Elektronik Bauteile GmbH with headquarters in Vienna. CABEX has been very successful, partly due to the increase in cable assembly projects, but also thanks to successful projects in the railway business (TrenoLux LED railway lights).

Investment in the future

"The best defence is a good offence": This has been the motto of the SCHURTER Group in the past. In difficult times such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, the company does not want to isolate itself, but to rise from the crisis stronger. The expansion of production areas and capacities in Hungary is an investment in the future of the SCHURTER Group as well as a commitment to the production site in Hungary.

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