Capacitive Displacement Sensors

Compact Capacitive Measurement System

  • Capacitive Displacement Sensors
    Capacitive Displacement Sensors

A new capacitive controller provides a combination of technical advantages and low cost. A compact sensor and user-friendly handling make the capaNCDT 6110 sensor suitable for measuring displacement, distance and position in a diverse range of applications, from test cells to highly automated environments.

Designed to be robust and simple to use, it is ideally suited to integration into OEM applications and simple single channel end user requirements. With all items available from stock, the user can quickly select the most suitable sensor range and cable length to be used with the capaNCDT 6110 electronics. For higher volume applications, the capaNCDT 6110 can be used as a base specification for modification to user specific requirements.

The flexible 9-36V DC power supply, enables the capaNCDT 6110 series to also be used in mobile applications. Measurement output values are selectable 0-10V or +/-5V DC and high temperature stability and resolutions are achieved.