Non-destructive Confocal Sensors

Enable measurement without contact with the target

  • Non-destructive Confocal Sensors
    Non-destructive Confocal Sensors

Micro-Epsilon’s confocal sensors are designed to provide thickness values in real time. For example, the confocalDT IFS 2405 has a measuring range of 1 mm. Characterized by its small measuring spot size (8 micrometer), it provides great precision for measuring thin layers. The measurement is performed immediately and quickly at a measuring rate of 1 kHz using the confocalDT IFC2461 confocal controller.

All data can be stored in a protocol

Differences in thickness, e.g., due to the flow behavior during hardening, can be made visible by scanning larger areas. The actual measurement is carried out in defined zones, from which a generally valid statement on the thickness can be drawn. The measuring point is freely selected within the zones. Stored limit values support the user in evaluating the measurement result via the configurable switching outputs.

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