Fast Surface Check Sensors

For mobile, non-destructive paint and coating thickness measurements on CFRP

  • Fast Surface Check Sensors
    Fast Surface Check Sensors

Designed for high precision measurements of CFRP materials, the FSC1/7, the FSC1000 (Fast Surface Check) and the ISC1000 (Industrial Surface Check) from Micro-Epsilon determine the thickness of paints and layers with high accuracy and on a non-contact basis. 

The FSC1/7, the FSC1000 and the ISC1000 hand-held devices are used for precise paint and coating thickness measurements on CFRP materials. These determine precise results even on curved surfaces.

Innovative microwave technology

The FSC models are approved as thickness gauges for the aviation industry, while aircraft manufacturers, airlines and paint shops already use them for micrometer-precise measurements. The ISC series is designed for industrial applications where they are used for random checks and quality inspection, as well as for process control on CFRP substrates and metals.

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