Updated Color Recognition Sensors

The models can now operate at a measurement frequency of up to 30 kHz

  • Updated Color Recognition Sensors
    Updated Color Recognition Sensors

Micro-Epsilon designs the colorSENSOR CFO200 updated now to the firmware version 1.4.20. With precision, high light power, a large color memory and increased speed, the color recognition sensor is available now with a measurement frequency of up to 30 kHz. Engineered for high precision color measurements, their True Color CFO sensors present now a web interface with a new, modern design. The user will benefit as well from a multiview orthographic projection of the color spaces. No sensor tool is required for the update, since local storage on the PC is enough. 

Thanks to the excellent repeatability of ∆E ≤ 0.3, the finest of color graduations can be recognized reliably

The CFO100 and CFO200 can recognize any color as well as minimum color differences whether it is for quality control, painting technology, automation systems, medical packaging, surface-labelling, and printing technology tasks. These sensors are used as well to distinguish materials and coatings, as they can detect the minor color differences between stainless steel and zinc, or brass and gold. Moreover, they feature an extended configuration of all switching inputs (e.g. teaching colors, locking keys, and more) and an extended and optimized command set for REST-API and the RS232 log.

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