Laser Triangulation Measurement Sensors

Designed for metal sheet infeed measurements

  • optoNCDT 1420 by MicroEpsilon
    optoNCDT 1420 by MicroEpsilon

As deep drawing is considered a decisive step in the production process, MicroEpsilon released the optoNCDT 1420 laser triangulation sensors, that enable metal sheet infeed measurement during the pressing process. Coming in a robust design, these sensors are insensitive to shock and vibration. The measured results are constantly accurate even under tough conditions such as parts with different reflection characteristics. The values are then transmitted via analog or digitally to the controller. This enables to know how much material has flowed. A tool punch presses the plate to be formed into the mold (die). 

The laser beam measures on the edges of the sheet, which is between the top and bottom of the tool

The flange of the sheet is partially pulled inwards because the thickness of the component decreases as a result of the deep-drawing process while the displaced material flows from the edge of the sheet. The measurement of the distortion is handled using several optoNCDT 1420 laser triangulation sensors, which are placed around the metal sheet, either in the tool or on the side of the tool. Last, the Auto Target Compensation (ATC) function quickly compensates for different reflections caused by high-gloss through to dirty-matte sheet metal parts, while enabling smooth distance signal.

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