Dual-channel Handheld Gauge with Sensor

Enables high precision gap measurements

  • CapaNCDT MD6-22 by Micro-Epsilon
    CapaNCDT MD6-22 by Micro-Epsilon

Micro-Epsilon released the capaNCDT MD6-22, a capacitive measuring device made for mobile, high precision gap and distance measurements. Robust and lightweight, this dual-channel handheld gauge is used for commissioning, service and maintenance. Mobile, it can detect gaps in industrial environments to micron accuracy. Measurements are possible on all conductive targets. Thanks to its robust design, it fits the use for measurement tasks where magnetic fields are present.

Easy to use and simplifies the storage of measured values for evaluation purposes

Lightweight and extremely handy, it offers touchscreen operation. Different features are pre-set in the factory such as automatic gap detection, which simplifies parallel alignment of the flat sensors for double-sided measurements. The complete measuring system consists of a dual-channel handheld gauge and a capacitive capaNCDT sensor. 

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