IEC Connectors at Elevated Temperatures

For use at ambient temperatures of up to +40°C

  • IEC Connectors at Elevated Temperatures
    IEC Connectors at Elevated Temperatures

Connectors from SCHURTER are approved in accordance with IEC 60320 are suitable for use at ambient temperatures of up to +40 °C. The average temperature over a period of 24 hours should not exceed +35 °C with a lower limit of -5 °C for the ambient air temperature.

Appliance inlet classification

The appliance inlet classification is based on the maximum permissible pin temperature (cold = 70°C, warm = 120°C or hot = 155°C). This pin temperature is measured at the base of the pin. In addition to the ambient temperature, the temperature of the pin is also influenced by the temperature reached when in the appliance is in use. However, the temperature of the pin is by no means always the limiting factor. The limiting element is almost always the insulating material of the housing of the connector.

Insulating material

The insulating material used in SCHURTER connectors is specified in the list attached along with the respective certified Relative Temperature Index for electrical stress (RTIelec), in accordance with the respective UL Yellow Card. This value indicates the aging temperature that a material can withstand over a period of 100,000 hours and while still retaining at least half of its original material properties (in this case its dielectric strength).

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