Infrared Temperature Sensor for OEM

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Enables precise measurement with a response time of 240 ms

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The PyroMini OEM infrared temperature sensor from Calex
The PyroMini OEM infrared temperature sensor from Calex

The PyroMini OEM from Calex Electronics is a new infrared temperature sensor designed for OEM machine builders. Equipped with a miniature sensing head with right-angle cable entry, it can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 120°C without the need for cooling. This miniature sensing head measures 55 mm in length, including the sensor’s mounting thread. The separate electronics module has a small, lightweight housing that also fits into restricted spaces in machinery. It’s fixed emissivity setting of 0.95 makes it very simple to set up and enables it to measure non-reflective non-metal surfaces with industry-leading accuracy and repeatability. 

The sensor fits the use in applications such as paper and corrugated board manufacturing, curing, heated rollers or power distribution

With a response time of 240 ms, the sensor delivers a near-instant measurement of the surface temperature. The PyroMini OEM can measure materials such as rubber, paper, wood, thick plastics, textiles, asphalt, resins, or organic materials. Metals can be measured as well if an area of the surface is painted first. Several analog outputs are available: two-wire 4-20 mA, four-wire Type J or K thermocouple, and 0-10 V DC. 

Posted on January 28, 2020 - (351 views)
Calex Electronics Limited
Leedon House Chartmoor Road
LU7 4TN Leighton Buzzard - United Kingdom
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Calex Electronics Ltd was established in 1973 and specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of non-contact infra-red temperature sensors and electronic power converters.


Infrared Temperature Sensor for OEM

Enables precise measurement with a response time of 240 ms

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