Thermal imager lens

Allows a thermographic macro shooting

  • Thermal imager lens
    Thermal imager lens

The microscope lens, recently introduced by Micro-Epsilon, is an upgrade for the TIM 450 and TIM 640 high-resolution thermal imaging cameras and it enables a thermographic macro shooting of individual components based on a spatial resolution of up to 28µm.

Developed for PCB

Developed specifically for PCB (printed circuit board) temperature measurements, PCB assembly monitoring and for inspecting micro-sized solder and weld joints, the microscope lens is also suitable for a wide range of other industrial and laboratory-based temperature monitoring applications.

Large working distance

With the lens the camera can reach up to 125Hz in real time, based on a spatial resolution of up to 28µm. The distance between the camera and the object to be measured can be up to 100mm. Scalable temperature ranges are from -20°C to +100°C, from 0°C to 250°C, and from 150°C to 900°C. Due to the large working distance, temperature measurements of electronic components can be carried out during electrical parameter function tests.

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