Capacitive Measuring System

For production processes and control

  • Capacitive Measuring System
    Capacitive Measuring System

The capaNCDT 61x0/IP is a new capacitive displacement measuring system from MicroEpsilon that is suitable for inline quality assurance of production processes and control of plant and machinery, where high precision is required. It can measure distance, displacement, deflection, expansion, and deformation of conductive targets.

Protected from fluctuating temperatures and magnetic fields

This measuring system, classified to IP68, includes a sensor, sensor cable and controller. The sensor cable is very robust and resists to treading and high temperature. It can be used for large distances up to 8 m. The controller is protected from dust and humidity thanks to its aluminum die-cast housing. There is no need to recalibrate this system on site as it is possible to calibrate it directly at the factory, even after replacing the sensors. The data output is available from current, voltage or digital RS485 interface.

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