Rotary actuator for positioning operations

It allows quick changeover procedures and integrates BLDC motor

  • Rotary actuator for positioning operations
    Rotary actuator for positioning operations

Lika’s RD6 is a compact and powerful rotary actuator that integrates BLDC motor, real multiturn absolute encoder, position and torque closed-loop controller and fieldbus interface in the single package for quick changeover operations.

Main features

It is available in two sizes (157 W rated power, 0.5 Nm rated torque, 3,000 RPM; 250 W rated power, 0.8 Nm rated torque, 3,000 RPM) and an extensive range of Ethernet and bus interfaces (EtherCAT, POWERLINK, EtherNet/IP, Profibus, …). Its “all-in-one” configuration with embedded intelligence ensures dramatic simplification of integration, easy installation and quick cabling operations. The built-in encoder for motor feedback provides an overall resolution of 28 bits and features a real multiturn that requires neither battery nor counter.

HMI touch panel LDT10

The RD6 can be profitably complemented by the HMI touch panel LDT10, designed to interface, set up and operate the rotary actuators in the network through recipes.

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