Rotary & Linear Encoders

For elevators, escalators and moving walks

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    Rotary & Linear Encoders

Lika offers a comprehensive range of incremental and absolute, rotary and linear encoders, electrical (digital, sin/cos, UVW), SSI, BiSS and bus interfaces (CANopen, CANlift), redundant, ATEX and customized versions for any specific application in elevators, escalators and moving walks. For gearless traction motors CB59 and CB60 incremental encoders are extremely compact in both hollow and solid shaft. They provide sine-cosine signals for speed feedback and an absolute signal to detect the position of the motor poles. When an elevator drive requires digital pulses and UVW encoder signals, IB59 model is the most compact solution currently available on the market. SGSM / SGSD is the bearingless incremental encoder providing a rugged measuring system free of moving parts, contact, friction and wear: it is available in redundant version for an outstanding dependability as required by shaft copy and overspeed governor applications. SAK and SBK draw-wire units are ideally suited to measure car or platform positions on freight lifts, mobile platforms, scissor lifts, hoists and cranes up to 50 m (1968.5"). They are available in seawater-proof protection version and even ATEX configuration.

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