FLIR Systems Offers Webinars on Thermal Imaging cameras

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The two webinars are dedicated to professionals interested in using thermal imaging to detect leaks and survey plants

Vision & Identification

FLIR Systems Offers Webinars on Thermal Imaging cameras
FLIR Systems Offers Webinars on Thermal Imaging cameras

FLIR Systems will air two webinars on the benefits of the use of thermal imaging cameras in plant surveying.

The first, scheduled for November 4th, 2019, is titled “A Solution for Gas Maintenance Problems” and will be hosted by FLIR Systems’ Steve Beynon and Andy Baker. The session will address the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry and explain how the FLIR GF77 OGI camera can help detect pipe failures, equipment break-downs and gas leaks.

Efficiency in surveying 

The second webinar, scheduled for November 11th, 2019, is titled “Precision and Efficiency” and will be hosted by John Reynold of FLIR Systems. The session will demonstrate the T860 thermal imaging camera’s instrumentality in the survey of industrial plants and electro-mechanical systems. 

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