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New Industrial Products

LED Inspector

Handles up to five LEDs simultaneously

Posted on November 3, 2011 - ( views)

by Teoman Tugsuz

Capable of verifying up to five LEDs simultaneously, the colorCONTROL MFA-5 from Micro-Epsilon simplifies the inspection of LEDs for their functioning, contrast and luminosity. It can be extended in a modular fashion by adding extra MFA-E modules in batches of 5 channels. The light from the target object is transmitted to the inspection system via a flexible, 2mm diameter, plastic optical fiber and is therefore evaluated dynamically using a color sensor for color and intensity. The color value, which is evaluated within just a few milliseconds, is output as RGB-, HIS or CIE values and then transmitted via USB or RS232 interface at a rate of between 9,600 and 115,200 Baud to a higher level inspection or evaluation system for further processing. In order to ensure a wide measurement range for intensity (illumination) the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted by using either “High Sensitivity” or “Low Sensitivity” modes. It is possible to recognise LED colours up to ±4 nm. The installation of the LED inspector is carried out via an included test-software. The recognition results are displayed in detail.

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