Magneto-Inductive Displacement Sensors

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Magneto-Inductive Displacement Sensors
Magneto-Inductive Displacement Sensors

Micro-Epsilon presents its magneto-inductive displacement sensors. Numerous options allow each sensor to be individually configured. The mainSENSOR MDS-40-MK and LP series of sensors are a new generation of cost-effective and flexible magneto-inductive sensors. Four MDS-40-MK series predefined sensor variants are available with different connector, power supply and output options. These parameters, including the protection class, can be individually configured to suit the customer's specification for series production of 200 pieces or more.

Regardless of the order quantity, the printed circuit board of the MDS-40-LP sensors can be adapted to suit the individual application and to other customer requirements. With both series, the measuring ranges can be defined by selecting the corresponding magnet type for the respective target and measuring arrangement.

mainSENSOR is based on a measuring principle, which has been developed by Micro-Epsilon in order to combine the advantages of both inductive and magnetic sensors. As different strength magnets are applied, measuring ranges of up to 55mm can be achieved. However, for changing measurement set up of the proximity sensors, it is only necessary to change the magnet. The magneto-inductive measuring principle is well suited to industrial applications where cost-effectiveness and a large measuring range for high volumes are important.

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Micro-Epsilon offers one of the broadest product ranges of high-precision displacement sensors, 2D/3D laser scanners, IR temperature sensors, colour sensors and inspection systems in Europe.

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