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ExxonMobil Issues Five Tips to Help Plastics Manufacturers Optimise Equipment Performance
ExxonMobil Issues Five Tips to Help Plastics Manufacturers Optimise Equipment Performance

ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants

ExxonMobil Issues Five Tips to Help Plastics Manufacturers Optimise Equipment Performance

As plastics manufacturers seek to optimize the performance of their machines, ExxonMobil is sharing five tips for a best practice approach to lubricants. With high-performance lubricants capable...

Tolerance Rings

These radially sprung steel fasteners are capable of handling direct torque transfer, predictable and repeatable torque slip, axial retention, controlled collapse and radial loading between the mating...

An Energy Saving Guide (White Paper)

ExxonMobil. Plastics injection moulding is an energy intensive process. And, because energy carries both an environmental and financial cost, it makes sound sense not to waste it. Energy spending...

Eastman TREVA Received USDA Certified Biobased Product Label

Eastman Chemical Company, the world’s leading producer of cellulosic materials showcased Eastman TREVA at Bio-Based Live. TREVA, a breakthrough in engineering bioplastics designed to help companies overcome...

Air Filtering Solutions

Are you looking for a ventilation solution for enclosure with outdoor application? The FF series filters and fan filters certified UL Type 3R ensure high standards of quality, even in critical external conditions. Providing:
• water protection
• plastics resistant to atmospheric deterioration
• color maintenance over time with no significant changes, even if exposed to direct sunlight
• available in IP54 and IP55 versions

Securing Remote Maintenance

Baumüller offers simulations for machine designs, Wizard-guided commissioning, secure remote maintenance as well as an integrated system for predictive maintenance and production optimization for this...

Plastic Sensors

JUMO presents a completely new process for manufacturing temperature probes in the form of plastoSENS. In this process, the sensors are not potted in a metal pipe as was the case up to now. Instead, they...

Free Energy Saving Guide For Injection Moulding Companies

ExxonMobil has launched its 'Energy Saving Guide for Injection Moulding Companies', in partnership with leading research consultancy, Applied Market Information. Developed by industry expert, Dr Robin...

Universal Laser Sensor (PDF)

optoNCDT 1750 laser sensors measure displacement, distance and position in numerous industries such as automation technology, electronics production, automotive and machine building. The compact, industrial...

Versatile IP66 Outdoor Drives

Invertek Drives has launched a new range of outdoor rated general-purpose drives. The all new Optidrive E3 IP66 Outdoor Rated range of fast set up, easy to use drives boasts a range of features designed...

How to Save Energy in Plastics Processing - Free Webinar

Plastics processing is a highly competitive and energy intensive industry and operators are looking for any opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Today, one of the biggest opportunities is reducing...

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