Miniature Shock Absorbers

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Help sort more packages at higher speeds when combined with sorting solutions

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Split Tray Sorter Alternative
Split Tray Sorter Alternative
Split Tray Sorter Alternative
Split Tray Sorter Alternative
Split Tray Sorter Alternative
Split Tray Sorter Alternative
ACE MC150-MC600
ACE MC150-MC600
ACE MC150-MC600
ACE MC150-MC600

ACE Stossdämpfer provides miniature shock absorbers that can combine with Equinox MHE’s Split Tray Sorter for maximum speeds in new sorting system for the logistics industry. The Split Tray Sorter helps sort more packages at higher speeds. A product entered in a tray is identified by scanning the barcode. Once the tray has reached the right destination, it will be opened, and the product sorted at the right station. Consequently, products can be directly packed or shipped.

Through their oval shape, split tray sorters have stations on both sides, thus doubling their capacity

The curve radii have been additionally reduced for a space-saving design. Therefore, the transport containers move very close to each other in the curves, close enough that vibrations may occur. To avoid damages or downtime, ACE recommends the installation of MC150EUM-PP150 miniature shock absorbers. Self-compensating and maintenance-free, they have an energy consumption of 20 Nm per stroke or 34,000 Nm per hour, and a lifetime of up to 25 million cycles.

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ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH
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40764 Langenfeld - Germany
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ACE produces and distributes a wide range of damping products consisting of industrial and safety shock absorbers, profile dampers, rotary dampers, industrial gas springs, hydraulic dampers and feed controls.

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