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    Vibration Checker App

ACE Stoßdämpfer has developed an application for the iPhone for the selection of vibration isolation products. VibroChecker gets the results you need in three steps: The app can perform ideal measurements if the iPhone can be fully placed on the surface to be measured. Once the app has been started, four symbols appear on the display of the mobile phone. If the icon "Measure Vibration" is pressed, a new window opens and the measurement can start. The result appears within 15 seconds. The resulting values are the starting point for the second step. Transferred to a calculation interface, the most important key data is then entered: Machine weight, number of contact surfaces and the desired degree of isolation are defined using the interactive and intuitive fields. The program then recommends a specially developed vibration isolation product from the supplier. The ACEolator product range consists of extremely low-frequency air spring elements, ready-to-mount rubber-metal isolators and ACE-SLAB insulation slabs.

The new development is based on the same principle as the success of the SMS: An existing functionality of the mobile phone is used - in this case the "motion sensor/accelerometer" of the iPhone - and connected to the new application. For the successful application, the developers of the app had to take into account that an engineer or technician generally needs to know the lowest dominant frequency interfering with the environment in order to optimally select products for vibration isolation. Respectively, the algorithm of the app is designed to accommodate a threshold of 50 Hz. This value also represents the upper limit for the VibroChecker, as the iPhone sensor only has a limited sampling rate and can currently only measure up to 50 Hz. According to company, this value is sufficient for a majority of applications to be measured for which we offer a solution with ACEolator products.

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